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Who is this Daniel Apple?
An award-winning graphic designer and photographer.
Daniel is a southern gentleman at heart, born and raised in Georgia and bouncing around from the Peach State to Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In addition to finding creative solutions to all sorts of design problems, he enjoys cooking delicious food for himself and his family, playing a lazy round of golf, reading spy novels, and lounging at Lake Burton. Daniel worked in the sports industry for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge regarding design, social media, and public relations to offer future clients.
“Daniel's book cover thoroughly captured the essence of my first novel. The marvel was not as much that he was able to distill into visual form the emotional spirit and literal gist of the novel, which I anticipated after discussing it with him. The wonder was that Daniel presented what became the final version of the cover on virtually the first draft. He gives great thought to his work, communicates clearly with the client, is enjoyable to work with, and enhances that vital first impression of a project or product.”
Larry Keen, author of A Scungebucket in Ice Land


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